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EY Dyslexia Network Event 2015

EY Dyslexia Network

Thank you for expressing interest in the EY Dyslexia Network event on 15 April 2015.  If you were able to attend the event, you will know that we had a superb attendance – around 160 people spanning 50 organisations, including 12 Government departments.

DyslexicProfessional.com is written by John Levell, the Chair of the EY Dyslexia Network (although it expresses his personal views not those of the firm).  If you would like to receive a copy of Dr Linda Peer’s slides from this year’s event or to continue to receive periodic updates from this website and invitations to dyslexia related events etc, please subscribe to this site by providing your details below.

We would love you to subscribe, for two reasons:

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What will you get from us?

What you can expect:

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What happens when you subscribe?

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