Dyslexics in technology

There are of course numerous dyslexics in technology and equally large numbers of dyslexic technology entrepreneurs.  For those trying to forge a career or start an enterprise, it is sometimes good to have a role model or two.

It also became apparent when compiling this list, that there is a very blurry line between technologists and those in the technology business so this page is likely to include a little of both.

I’m only listing people where I either have their direct permission to do so or there are referencable articles in the press that refer to them and their dyslexia.  If you have ideas for who else could be added then please let me know using the comments form – and I’ll check them out.

John Chambers

CEO of Cisco Systems

John Chambers - Source: Fortune Brainstorm 2014

John Chambers – Source: Fortune Brainstorm 2014

John Bannister Goodenough

Physicist – Lithium-ion Battery

John Goodenough

John Bannister Goodenough

Bill Hewlett

Hewlett Packard

William Hewlett - Source: Hewlett Foundation

William Hewlett – Source: Hewlett Foundation

Lord Sugar

Founder, multiple businesses particularly in consumer electronics

Who else should we include?

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