Dyslexia News - March 2015

Dyslexia and dyslexics are frequently in the news.  Here are some links to a small selection of the articles published last month that feature dyslexia and dyslexics.

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Online job applications and dyslexia don’t mix

The rise of online job applications may be useful for recruiters but it can be a huge barrier for people with dyslexia.

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Sam Allardyce: West Ham, dyslexia and the Premier League

Sam Allardyce: a big man with big ideas about how to get West Ham back up into the Premier League.

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Foundation: Jamie Oliver On Food Truth And The Future

Dyslexic chef and entrepreneur Jamie Oliver discusses his lifelong passion for cooking and how technology can positively impact our food system. (Source: Techcrunch.com)

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Unrecognised dyslexia is costing the UK economy in excess of £1 billion per year

When you say ‘dyslexia’ people instantly assume ‘kids’ and ‘school’ not ‘adults’ and ‘employment/unemployment’ or ‘prison’.  A thought provoking article from DyslexiaAndMe.

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The type designer tackling dyslexia and stereotypes

Christian Boer, who is dyslexic, began work on his typeface “dyslexie” for his final-year thesis at Utrecht Art Academy.  He has since refined the font in various research, testing and survey scenarios.

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Henry Winkler known to youngsters as author of ‘Hank’ books

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Foreign Office back in 2013 (I think!) to hear a talk by Henry Winkler.  Packed house and perhaps 100+ stations also listening from around the world.  He told what was an inspirational story of tenacity that ultimately led to self-belief.  To me he is still the Fonz… but a new generation know him for another reason.  (Source: dispatch.com)

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A brain system that appears to compensate for autism, OCD, and dyslexia

Like most dyslexics I ever meet, I’m not sure that would ever want a “cure”.  Clearly there are days (usually with a “y” in the name) where the disability aspect of dyslexia pulls the rug out from under me… non the less, possibilities are always interesting. (Source: Medical Express)

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How to manage stress caused by dyslexia in the workplace

Dyslexic employees face particular challenges and often experience work-related
stress. Nancy Doyle, a psychologist looks at effective workplace adjustments to
support staff with the condition. (Source: Personnel Today)

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Dyslexics and entrepreneurship… but what about those inside corporations?

We know the names of several dyslexic entrepreneurs… but is their success just a coincidence?  And if it is not, what about those of us who work within a corporate environment?

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Claremont resident to compete in World Ice Art Championships

The Claremont resident started as a struggling student who dropped out of school to travel the world as an ice sculptor when he found clarity and became a high school math teacher.

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