Dyslexia News - Jan 2015

Dyslexia and dyslexics are frequently in the news.  Here are some links to a small selection of the articles published last month that feature dyslexia and dyslexics.  

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1. Dyslexic entrepreneurs – why they have a competitive edge

People who have dyslexia are good at problem-solving and focusing on the wider picture – no wonder they make great business leaders – Meet the young entrepreneurs shaking up old industries.  (the Guardian)


2. Are dyslexics at a disadvantage in the education system?

In her video, Jo Crawford, who was last year made a British Dyslexia Association Young Ambassador, asks are dyslexics at a disadvantage in the education system? During the 16 minute video, Jo looks at the statistics and speaks with those in the dyslexia field to find out their views. (British Dyslexia Association)


3. Jennifer Aniston Reveals 20-Year Battle With Dyslexia

“Friends” star Jennifer Aniston talks candidly about her 20 year battle with dyslexia, her relationship with her mother and divorce from Brad Pitt.  (ABC News)


4. I was diagnosed with dyslexia and it’s a gift, not a curse

When Debbie Edgar, managing director of energy business Dragon, was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 15 she became determined not to let it hold her back. Now the managing director of a multi-million pound company, she explains why we all need to embrace our own skills.  (the Guardian)


5. Top 10 books for reluctant and dyslexic readers

From Wimpy Kid to Goth Girl, Tom Palmer shares his hand-on-heart recommendations of books to help encourage a lifelong love of reading.  (the Guardian)


6. High schooler weighs in on dyslexia discussion

Thought provoking guest editorial from a dyslexic high school student. (The Park Record)


7. A New Keyboard App Could Make it Easier for Dyslexics to Text

DyslexiaKey uses a specialized font aimed at  accommodates some of the challenges faced by dyslexics. (Boston News)