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Dyslexia News April 2015

Dyslexia News April 2015

Dyslexia News March 2015

Dyslexia and dyslexics are frequently in the news.  Here are some links to a small selection of the articles published last month that feature dyslexia and dyslexics. If you want to keep informed… please subscribe by filling in the form to the right, or follow me on twitter @DyslexicProf.

Richard Branson, Dyslexia & Business

Richard Branson explains why he considers dyslexia his greatest business advantage.


WATCH: Dyslexia awareness film launched by students at Cox Green

A powerful short film has been created by a team of students at Cox Green School aimed at dispelling misconceptions surrounding dyslexia.


Researching how we read

Scrambled words could provide insight to help people with dyslexia


When Struggling with Dyslexia Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

Overcoming the challenges of dyslexia helped these people become successful entrepreneurs.


Bella Thorne & Dyslexia

Bella Thorne explains how she deals with having dyslexia.


Dyslexia Bill of Rights?

Advocates draft “Dyslexia Bill of Rights” to raise awareness, improve education.


MSP hosts Farming with Dyslexia event

Recent research by the SRUC confirmed that a quarter of its current intake of agriculture students are dyslexic.  The condition often goes undiagnosed due to the stigma and the misunderstandings about the condition.


Classroom behaviour and dyslexia

Bournemouth University lecturer Dr Julie Kirkby is investigating the significance of copying and note-taking in the classroom and how it affects the learning in children with dyslexia.


Keanu Reeves: ‘Did you see my movie?’

Dyslexic actor Keanu Reeves is interviewed by Tara Brady, who finds him as fantastically unassuming as ever.


Dyslexia Awareness Week – Time to Start Planning!

Dyslexia Awareness Week (DAW) 2015 will be held from October 5-11 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland it will be held from November 2-8.


Creating Impact Through Innovation: One Year On

Free webinar: Dr Julia Carroll and Prof Victor van Daal will be talking about the impact felt from the 2014 BDA International Conference as well as sharing information on the 2016 International Conference and its theme.


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