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Inbox epiphany – dyslexics and ...

Inbox epiphany – dyslexics and email

I’ve been using email since about 1990. In fact, I introduced it to the company I worked for at that time. You’d have thought that, with all that practice, I’d have got it right by now… but sadly not so! However, I have recently found a new way to handle it, which is working far […]

Making my diary work…

Making my diary work…

This is the second of two posts on diary and calendar management.  The first post sets out the key issues and this one describes some of my solutions.  Almost all of what I have written below could be as applicable to someone without dyslexia as someone with the condition.  So if you are not dyslexic […]

Calendar management… “Sor...

Calendar management… “Sorry, what meeting?”

I have a feeling that I’ll be writing about calendars quite a lot. I have huge problems being in the right place at the right time and, despite having a PA, I seem to spend a disproportionate amount of effort grappling with my “special” relationship with time. What do I mean? I understand time best […]

Making email manageable

Making email manageable

Following on from my earlier post regarding the difficulties of managing email for dyslexic professionals, I discuss below some of the techniques that I use.  Most of them revolve around three principles: I can’t read everything… so I need to make sure that I read the things that matter.  Secondly, I need to get things […]

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