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Rise of the Chief Neurodiversity Offi...

Free publication According to John Levell of the Levell Partnership, “we need to think differently about “different thinking” because neurodiversity can transform the fortunes of organisations”.  The Levell Partnership has recently published a free article entitled “Rise of the Chief Neurodiversity Officer” It talks about how successful organisations like Google, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Tesla, […]

BDA Organisational Memebers Day ̵...

BDA Organisational Memebers Day – 15 June 2017

I am very pleased to have been asked to speak about the rise of the “Chief Dyslexic Officer” at this BDA event in June.  Also speaking will be individuals from Microsoft, the BBC, Exceptional People, ACAS and the BDA.  Please do consider joining us… and if you have any questions, do get in touch with either me, […]

Dyslexia and entrepreneurs

Dyslexia and entrepreneurs

I have spent at least half my career involved in entrepreneurial businesses as employee, director, owner and founder – all the time learning (and sometimes not learning!) from my own successes and failures of as well as those of the people around me. Consequently, when I was diagnosed as dyslexic and started to research what […]

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