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Inbox epiphany – dyslexics and ...

Inbox epiphany – dyslexics and email

I’ve been using email since about 1990. In fact, I introduced it to the company I worked for at that time. You’d have thought that, with all that practice, I’d have got it right by now… but sadly not so! However, I have recently found a new way to handle it, which is working far […]

Taking my own medicine… email m...

Taking my own medicine… email management…

Shortly after writing the earlier posts on managing a 50+ email per day inbox, I realised that I had listed a lot of great ideas that I wasn’t actually practicing myself.  So, I took some of my own medicine and put them in to practice. I an can happily report that my inbox is now […]

Making email manageable

Making email manageable

Following on from my earlier post regarding the difficulties of managing email for dyslexic professionals, I discuss below some of the techniques that I use.  Most of them revolve around three principles: I can’t read everything… so I need to make sure that I read the things that matter.  Secondly, I need to get things […]

Email… so what’s the prob...

Email… so what’s the problem?

762 Items in my inbox, 343 say they are unread. It shocks my colleagues whenever they spot it. I have looked at most of the emails of course and addressed the critical ones… at least I think I have. Perhaps I should just check again… Email is a constant problem for me: It takes a […]

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