Dyslexia tends to be an “invisible” disability yet, according to BUPA, around one in 10 people in the UK are affected by dyslexia.  Those affected are often reluctant to make their condition known within the corporate workplace as they do not wish to draw attention to the issues they face.

However, people with dyslexia may have particular strengths, such as:

  • ‘big picture’ thinking
  • increased creativity and innovation
  • good lateral thinking ability
  • intuitive problem-solving skills
  • good visual and spatial skills
  • determination

This could explain why a study carried out by Cass Business School highlighted a higher rate of dyslexia amongst entrepreneurs – up to 35% of US and 19% in the UK.  Equally, many famous and successful people, including Albert Einstein, Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Richard Branson, have/had dyslexic difficulties, as do a number of artists and stars in the performing and visual arts.

If organisations employing professionals mirrors the rest of society then at least 10% of our people could be dyslexic.