Why did I start this site?

I work within management consulting.  Fifteen years in to my career I found out that I was dyslexic – the diagnosis helped me to understand why, as a colleague once put it, “you do the really difficult things effortlessly, but you don’t bother with the easy stuff?”.

The diagnosis was helpful, but what I really needed was a source of practical advice that would help me find the best way to tackle the unique challenges that those within professional services face.

What I found online was disapointing.  Lots of sites aimed at those in education as well as some fairly general information that related to adults in the workplace.  But nothing that I felt addressed the specific challenges of my industry.

So I have made my own way, made a lot of mistakes and learned a few things on the way.  The reason I started this blog was to share some of what I have learned and, I hope, to get some new ideas from others facing similar challenges.

What will it cover?

Having never written a blog before, I suspect it will evolve over time… certainly the blank page appears as daunting as usual… so I suspect there will be a lot of editing before I get this right!  Equally, I have relatively little time so progress will be slow…

However, the current plan is to include a number of different sections:

  • A blog – an occasional “day in the life” posting that tries to discuss a topic of interest to dyslexics in a pratical way
  • Dyslexia general information – some general information for those who may have stumbled on this site
  • Resources and ideas – a section setting out resources and ideas that I have found helpful
  • Dyslexic success – a section devoted to those who have succeeded despite or perhaps because of their dyslexia
  • Links to organisations – organisations specialising in this area, who may be able to provide further information or help

I’m sure this will change.  At the moment, I am writing this for myself – but if others do read it and have ideas, please post.

Hope it’s useful!